Reduce Your Energy Costs

As a full-service HVAC repair company, you can count on us for reliable system repairs, installation, and maintenance services. We have provided heating and cooling services in Kansas for over 30 years, and still today, our customers remain our No. 1 priority. We understand the importance of your indoor comfort to maintaining a welcoming environment.

These energy-saving HVAC tips can help your keep your residential or commercial heating and AC system functioning at peak efficiency year-round. For more information on how to upgrade the efficiency in your home or to schedule services, contact Bryan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today!

  • Regularly change or clean — if reusable —  HVAC filters during peak heating and cooling, such as summer and winter.
  • Schedule bi-annual HVAC maintenance. Ensuring your HVAC system is working properly with a routine maintenance check can improve efficiency and comfort.
  • Change fan direction. In winter, fans should rotate clockwise to lift warm air from the ground. In summer, fans should rotate counter-clockwise to pull cool air from the ground.
  • Use a programmable thermostat to automate heating and cooling and optimize HVAC operation based on your residential or commercial scheduling needs.
  • In summer, close curtains or drapes to block direct heat from the sun. In winter, keep windows clear for natural light and warmth during the day.
  • Ensure all entrances and openings — doors and windows —  are properly insulated with weather seal to prevent indoor air loss.
  • Contact professional technicians for HVAC repair as soon as you notice a problem to avoid emergency breakdowns or the need for early system replacement.
Blue Star Maintenance Package

The Blue Star Maintenance Package saves you money! It gives you priority emergency service and helps prevent costly repairs, assuring you of maximum safety. Planned maintenance prolongs the life of your equipment and will reduce your operating costs.

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