In year’s past, residential cooling systems were a luxury. Today, AC systems are a necessity for keeping any indoor environment cool and comfortable despite rising heat outdoors. When running at optimal function, an air conditioner blows cold air consistently, monitors the levels of indoor humidity, filters airborne allergens, and reduces common summertime health risks — including overheating and dehydration — to pets and family members. Bryan's Heating and Air Conditioning strives to provide our clients with fast, quality air conditioning repair services so that their homes are never left without proper A/C. If your system develops an issue, contact our trusted >HVAC company. Our technicians are trained to perform any repair necessary and can provide you with tips on how to maximize the benefits of your residential cooling system.

Common Residential A/C Issues That Lead To Repairs

  • Inadequate Cooling: Inadequate or uneven residential cooling can occur for several reasons. If the problem is recent, it could be caused by a dirty evaporator. If the issue was evident from the start, it could be due to poor installation, an improperly sized unit, or faulty air ducts.
  • Dirty Or Clogged Filters: If your system fails to provide your home with sufficient cool air, the problem could also be due to dirty or clogged filters. Fixing the issue is as simple as cleaning out air filters and vents in the home, or replacing them as needed.
  • Faulty Outside Fan: A faulty fan can prevent the system from transfering heat from indoor air to the outdoors, resulting in inadequate cooling. This can cause the unit to overheat — and even fail — so it’s important to schedule residential repairs right away.
  • Low Refrigerant: Low levels of refrigerant can severely reduce your unit’s cooling capabilities — since the chemical is used to cool the air within the system. Low refrigerant is typically caused by leaks in the system.

What Are The Benefits Of Timely Residential AC Repairs?

At Bryan's Heating and Air Conditioning, our technicians are trained to perform any necessary AC repair. They will inspect your air conditioning system to identify the issue and isolate the affected areas of the unit. Thereafter, our technicians will inform you of the issue and inform you whether the issue is repairable or the unit requires replacement. However, most issues can be fixed without system replacement, especially if the problems are caught early. Scheduling an AC repair in a timely manner can:

  • Ensure energy efficiency;
  • Prolong the life of your unit; and
  • Help you avoid more expensive repairs.

How Can I Prevent AC System Issues?

The most effective method for ensuring your home’s AC system functions optimally throughout the year is through professional bi-annual air conditioner maintenance. Scheduling an HVAC check-up during the spring will provide your system with what it needs to adequately cool your home throughout the onset high-use season — summer. Maintenance also allows our technicians to detect any issues in the system before they affect other essential components or cause the system to fail. Maintaining optimal system function can also prolong your AC’s functional lifespan and reduce the need for repairs and the cost of energy bills.