When frost fills the air, having reliable indoor heating is essential to home comfort. If your heater or furnace experiences an issue, it could be unable to produce sufficient heat throughout the home. At Bryan's Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand how important it is to have adequate indoor heating, which is why we provide reliable heating system and furnace repair homeowners can rely on. Our customers are our No.1 priority — we strive to provide only the highest quality services to our customers in a timely manner. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced to be able to assist with any problem that your heating unit may develop. They will inspect the unit, determine what is causing the issue, and advise you of the best course of action, so you’re never left in the cold.

Common Furnace Issues

A lack of professional maintenance is one of the biggest causes of common heating system issues. The filter in your furnace should be replaced monthly. If a filter is used for too long, it can accumulate dirt, debris, pollutants, pollen, and other allergens, which restrict the airflow and make the unit work harder. Also, regular use of your furnace causes wear and tear on its mechanical parts. Worn out belts and bearings can lead to performance issues for a furnace, while problems with air flow can also be the result of a dirty or worn out fan motor. Another common issue in older furnace models is a pilot light not staying on, which can be due to a loose thermocouple or a clog in the pilot orifice. If your unit is new, but the electronic ignition fails to start, it may be due to an electrical problem. Some of the most common issues experienced by heating units include the following.

  • Heat is distributed unevenly throughout the home
  • Failed fan function
  • Lingering odors or burning smells
  • The heater blows cold air

Common Heat Pump Issues

If you rely on a heat pump to keep your home warm in the winter, there are a few common issues that sometimes arise. Occasionally, a heat pump doesn’t heat or cool properly, or it may cycle on or off too quickly. Your heat pump may freeze up or have power issues. Sometimes repairing a heat pump can be a matter of cleaning the coils on the outside condensing unit. Other times, the thermostat in your home may be malfunctioning. It’s also possible for problems with a heat pump air handler or condenser to occur when either a circuit breaker is tripped or a fuse is blown. Whatever the issue may be, contact Bryan's Heating and Air Conditioning Our technicians are trained to troubleshoot, identify, and fix any heating system issues.

Furnace & Heat Pump Repair Checklist

If the heating system in your home isn’t working properly — or if it’s not working at all — first try doing some troubleshooting. Oftentimes, the issue may be a simple fix such as ensuring that the filters are clean or that the thermostat is set correctly. If you cannot determine the cause of the issue, are unsure of it, or it is a serious problem, contact our HVAC repair company. Professional service is an especially good idea if you notice lingering odors, as they may be associated with a natural gas leak. Before calling an HVAC technician, if your furnace or heat pump is not working, this checklist may help pinpoint or resolve the issue.

Heat Pump Repairs

  • Listen for unusual sounds coming from the unit
  • Inspect the circuit breaker for trips or blown fuses
  • Test the thermostat to ensure proper function

Furnace Repairs

  • Check the filter monthly to see if it’s clean
  • Replace a dirty filters immediately
  • Clear heating registers or vents from obstructions

Importance of Timely HVAC Repairs

If you notice that the heating unit is experiencing an issue, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible. Many people think that if an issue is minor, there is no urgency for a repair. However, even the smallest of complications in a system could lead to extensive and costly repairs if ignored. An inefficient unit also uses up more energy in an attempt to produce sufficient heat and distribute it throughout the home. The more energy it pulls in order to function, the higher the utility bill will be at the end of the month. Having heat pump or HVAC maintenance performed on your system can help catch complications early on before they have time to develop into serious issues. Contact us to learn more about other cost-saving benefits of planned maintenance or to schedule residential heating repairs.