Many people believe the cleanness and temperatures in their homes are separate issues, but, actually, they’re interrelated. When your HVAC system is on, it blows whatever is in the air ducts into your living spaces, including dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens. This can have a drastic effect on the air quality of your home and create issues for pets, children, elderly residents and anyone with allergies.

At Bryan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., our goal is for you to be comfortable and healthy in your home. With that in mind, here are the facts you need to know about HVAC duct cleaning, including steps to take to clean your ducts, as well as signs it’s time to bring in a professional.


Many Wichita heating repairs are the results of dirty or otherwise unmaintained HVAC systems. Dirt and debris in the air ducts alone make an HVAC unit run less efficiently and lead to wear and tear on components. Therefore, before you turn on your heater the next time, set aside some time to inspect and clean the ducts. Here’s an easy do-it-yourself (DIY) process to follow.


After the registers are removed, inspect the conditions inside the ducts with a flashlight. You can also use a camera with a flash, which has the added benefit of documenting your inspection. If dust is all you encounter, use a vacuum hose with an extension to clean as far back into the ducts as you can safely reach. Follow up with a duster with a telescopic handle to remove any particles the vacuum may have left behind. However, if, upon inspection, you encounter more than just dust inside the ducts, it’s time to call a professional.


Registers direct the air from the ducts into the individual rooms of your home. They’re usually located on the floor, wall, or ceiling and affixed with two screws. In each room, find the one or more registers and remove them using the appropriate screwdriver. Since dust often accumulates on the backsides and in between the grates, wipe clean each register with a wet rag.


Professional duct cleaning is needed as a part of a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan as well as in those circumstances where the duct conditions are especially problematic.


When moisture accumulates in ducts, whether from indoor humidity or another source, mold growth can be the result. Mold makes the air musty and the house smell stale, while particular types of spores are health hazards when breathed by humans and pets. Sometimes mold is visible near the registers, while other times its distinct scent is the only warning sign. In either case, a professional duct cleaner should be brought in to remove the mold immediately. Keep in mind that mold grows back if it’s not eradicated completely. Therefore, it’s imperative to hire a dependable HVAC company for the duct cleaning.


In a home with central heating, the ductwork is extensive. Therefore, much of the dirt in the ducts is too deep for you to reach. Even as you clean the ductwork behind the registers, dirt and debris are continues to build up in the deeper recesses out of ducts. But HVAC companies in Wichita, KS, are equipped with industrial-strength vacuums and tools powered by compressed air that clean every square-inch of ducts. Considering you’re ducts cannot be fully cleaned by your hands, professional duct cleaning be scheduled at least twice per year.


Odd sounds from an HVAC system are seldom hopeful signs. In many cases, bangs, pings, and screeches are precursors of an imminent need for a gas furnace repair, usually caused by loose or broken components. But when strange noises emanate not from the HVAC unit itself but rather from the ductwork, that situation could be a horse of a different color. Chances are the source of the sound is rodents or insects that have infested the ductwork. This problem is prevalent in rural Kansas communities, although it occurs in suburban and even urban areas of Wichita, as well. The remedy for a rodent or insect infestation is threefold. First, an HVAC technician performs an inspection to confirm the problem. Next, an exterminator eradicates the infestation. Lastly, the HVAC technician cleans the ducts, which prevents a repeat of the issue.


Whether your air ducts need a routine cleaning or have a more pressing issue, our professional duct cleaners at Bryan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. have comprehensive solutions available. Our technicians, who serve Wichita and surrounding areas, arrive to a job equipped with powerful vacuums and air cleaners that leave ducts spotless and, in the process, boost indoor air quality. Conveniently, we can also incorporate duct cleaning into our scheduled HVAC maintenance and repair services, which are available year-round. Furthermore, our company is a leading provider of HVAC products, including efficient heating and cooling systems and high-tech thermostats, from top manufacturers. To schedule duct cleaning and other HVAC services, contact Bryan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today!

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