A benefit of wintertime is getting to enjoy the holiday season with your friends or family. If you know you’re going host get-togethers over the holidays, it’s a good idea to make sure your heating system is working properly and will keep your home at a comfortable temperature for guests. Before you send out the invites, contact Bryan’s Heating & Air Conditioning for fast and reliable heating maintenance in Wichita, KS.


Many people find themselves using their kitchens to cook more often during the holidays, whether it is baking treats or making holiday feasts. If you find yourself using the stove top and oven a lot this winter, there are several helpful tricks you can use to make sure the temperature in your home stays consistently comfortable.

With your heating system already running, using the oven can generate extra heat that can make your home too warm. One way to remove heat from your kitchen is with the exhaust fan that is usually located above your stove. A caveat to using the fan, however, is that you’ll lose some of the warm air from your heating system, which can put a strain on your utility bill.

A more efficient way to regulate your home’s temperature while cooking is to lower your thermostat a few degrees prior to using the oven. The excess heat from the oven will offset the change in temperature, and your home will stay warm. You can also leave the oven door closed when you are done using it to keep that additional warm air from overheating your house. On the other hand if your home is too cool, you can help warm it by leaving the oven door open and releasing that excess heat when you’re done cooking.


When you have family or friends visiting during the holidays, these added guests can affect your home’s temperature. If your home is overheated or too cool, it can put a damper on the holiday cheer. Thankfully, there are several ways to help keep your home at the right temperature.


More people in your home means more body heat, and when everyone is grouped together in a room, the temperature can be noticeably warmer. If you plan on having several people in an area, you can prepare the room by lowering the thermostat a few degrees just before everyone arrives. But if you have space in your home, try spreading out planned activities into different rooms to more evenly distribute body heat.

Excess heat can also come from the electronics like televisions that your guests will be enjoying. If you expect more electronics to be used during the holidays, try lowering the thermostat accordingly. Meanwhile, the sun can make your home overheated, as well. So, if you’ll be celebrating the holidays during the daytime, try pulling the shades on any windows facing south or west to help regulate the amount of sunlight entering your home.


Maybe instead of overheating, keeping your home warm enough for your guests is your concern. In addition to taking care of any heating and air repairs, there are other ways to keep your home nicely heated during the holidays. For example, having guests grouped together for activities allows their body heat to help warm the room. While opening the shades of windows during the day and letting in sunlight is another heat-saving trick.

As for your guests individually, if you have elderly friends or relatives visiting who might feel colder, keeping an extra blanket nearby for them is a polite gesture. For young children in your home, it helps if they are dressed appropriately for the weather in warmer clothes like sweaters or even pajamas. Meanwhile, an added blanket on a pet’s bed is a good way to ensure your furry friend is likewise comfortably warm.


The holiday season is a joyful time to visit with your family or friends, and having your home heated comfortably helps ensure these special occasions are fun for everyone. To that end, using a few heating tips in your home is a smart way to make sure the holidays are enjoyable. However, if your heating system needs maintenance or repairs, you can contact Bryan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Not only do we specialize in Wichita HVAC service of all kinds, but we’re committed to helping make your home a happy place, especially during the holidays.